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Introducing Lüfka’s Fluoride-free Charcoal Fresh Toothpaste with 50% organic ingredients and 100% natural ingredients! Our low-foaming formula has no synthetic detergent foaming agents, is fluoride-free, vegan, and cruelty-free, with no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners. This simple, yet effective toothpaste is comprised of negatively charged ions that draw out bad bacteria, and stimulate your mouth, teeth, gums, and tongue, leaving them fresh and clean. Available in peppermint, wintergreen, and cinnamon flavors.

Our Toothpaste is 100% Fluoride-free

Did you know that long-term exposure to fluoride through toothpastes, mouthwashes, and fluorinated water will leave your brain calcified, like a bone? I don’t know about you, but I definitely do not want my brain to be a bone. I want my brain to be the super absorbent sponge that it is so that I can absorb as much knowledge as possible in my life. I know that you have seen a lot of toothpastes out there that claim to be “natural” when they are full of harsh chemicals, artificial sweeteners, and fluoride. Here at Lüfka, we believe in simplicity. We believe that you should be able to read and understand the ingredients on a label, especially for products that you are putting inside or outside of your body.

Diatomaceous earth

You might be asking yourself, “What is Diatomaceous Earth?” Diatoms are intricately designed, microscopic algae, and their outer shells are made of silica. Diatoms are responsible for producing nearly 40% of the Earth’s oxygen, talk about a microscopic miracle. Diatoms exist in all of the water systems of the world. When they became fossilized millions of years ago, they turned into dust that is made almost entirely of silica. Silica is a mineral that is highly beneficial for your hair, skin, nails, teeth, bones, and joints. We use this microscopic, algae, shell dust as the base of our toothpaste. The silica in the diatomaceous earth will coat your teeth like a second enamel.
Another cool fact about Diatomaceous Earth and Diatoms are that they are negatively charged, comprised of negative ions. The bad bacteria in our mouths are positively charged. Now here’s a little chemistry, the positive ions are attracted to the negative ions and drawn them out of those impossible to reach places in your gum line, leaving your gums healthy and bad bacteria-free. Wow! I never knew Diatoms were so amazing

oak apple extract

You might also be asking yourself, “What is Oak Apple Extract?” Oak Apples are galls that a specific species of Oak Tree in the Middle East form as a reaction to wasps laying their eggs in the tree. Oak Galls are a type of defense mechanism designed by the tree to be a deterrent for wasps. Sounds weird, but anyway, the Oak Apples that are subsequently produced are the very essence of the Oak Tree. They look like little dried up and spiky apples. They come in several colors: green, brown, and black and various sizes. They are incredibly pungent and bitter in taste, but are an incredibly powerful astringent for killing bad bacteria. People in Asia and the Middle East have been using Oak Apples to prevent gum disease and for overall oral health for centuries. Oak apples are also made into a paste and used topically on the skin for all types of skin irritations such as burns, rashes, and insect bites.

Discover the Healing Properties of Oak Apple

Oak Apples come from Oak trees (Quercus Infectoria). These Oak trees grow to be approximately four to six feet tall and are loaded with shrubby stems and smooth shiny green leaves. These trees are found in Iraq, Syria, Iran, India, Malaysia, Indonesia and other Asian and European countries. Oak Apples are galls that are formed as a reaction to gall wasps laying their eggs in the tree. Oak Galls are a type of defense mechanism designed by the tree to be a deterrent for wasps. The Oak Apples that are subsequently produced are the very essence of the Oak tree.
Oak Apples are known for their medicinal uses and they are widely used in Ayurvedic and herbal medicine. Oak Apples are blessed with digestive, astringent, cooling, anti-microbial, anti- fungal, anti-inflammatory, expectorant, febrifuge, homeostatic, tonic and lots of other properties. These properties make Oak Apples an effective ingredient for a wide variety of health problems including digestive issues, feminine issues, oral problems, skin and other health problems. It is also rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, tannins, calcium and protein.
A myriad of oral or dental problems can be easily prevented and treated with Oak Apple. It can be used to strengthening teeth, relieve gum problems and treat oral infections. Moreover, it is also beneficial for treating bad breath, cavities and bleeding gums. Oak Apple Extract can be used as a gargle to get rid of sore throats, throat infections, loose gums, tonsillitis, and many other oral issues. Just boil Oak Apple powder with water for few minutes. Strain it and use it as a mouthwash. It can also be made into an extract and added to natural toothpaste.
The anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, astringent and infection fighting properties of oak apples help in treating a variety of skin issues like skin infections, cuts, wounds, acne, large pores, and eczema. Since this herb has great astringent effects, it is very effective in dealing with open pores and loose skin. Apply Oak Apple paste on the skin to reduce pores size the natural way. This remedy will also help you achieve firm and smooth skin. It is also said to be effective in preventing acne and infections. Use this solution to wash your face daily to have clear and bright skin. Anti-oxidants present in Oak Apples are helpful in dealing with premature aging. The paste can also be used to prevent skin from becoming oily or dry. Boil oak apple powder with water. Strain it and use this healing, anti-fungal and anti-septic solution to wash or clean wounds and cuts. This remedy will speed up the wound healing process and prevent further infection.
This herb is loaded with expectorant properties and therefore is can be used to treat asthma effectively. Gallic acid present in Oak Apple is effective in curing diabetes. Prepare Oak Apple tea and have it to relieve asthma and diabetes the natural way.
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