Ear Candles

Ear candles are hollow cones made of fabric covered in soy wax. Most ear candles are about a foot in length. The pointed end of the candle is placed in your ear. The slightly wider end is lit.

Proponents of this treatment, called ear candling, claim that the warmth created by the flame causes suction. The suction pulls earwax and other impurities out of the ear canal and into the hollow candle.

Ingredients: Organic Cotton, Soy Wax & Love

Ear Candles


To prepare for the procedure, you lie on your side with one ear facing down. Insert the pointed end of the candle into the hole of the ear that’s facing up and adjusts by aligning the candle with the angle of your ear canal to to create a seal.

In most cases, a circular guard is placed about two-thirds of the way down the candle to catch any dripping wax.

The candle will burn for about 10 to 15 minutes. When the candle has burned down to just above the silver line, extinguish it by taking it out of the ear and placing the lit tip into a cup of water that you have next to you. Do not blow it out because this will cause ashes to fly around the room. You can cut open the end that remains, and see what came out. Ear candles are safe for adults and children 7 years of age and up. Adult supervision required. Ear candles can be used every three to four weeks.



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