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Blue Wheat Straw Soap Dish with Drainage


This Wheat Straw Draining Soap Dish is exactly what you need to make your luxury soap last. Wheat straw is a biopolymer that is made from the stalks and stems left over from the wheat harvesting process. It is biodegradable, but will last for years. This is a great plastic-free alternative to plastic or wooden soap dishes that can get moldy and do not biodegrade.

This soap dish is designed with ridges that elevate your soap bar, allowing water to drain from the bar into the basin. That water is channeled down the slanted base toward the front of the dish where it exits through a spout into the sink, bathtub, or shower. This prevents water from pooling in the dish and keeps your soap dry. Drying soap after usage reduces saturation and greatly extends its lifespan.



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