Bamboo Handle Safety Razor


Our Bamboo Handle Safety Razor comes with two double-sided safety blades and is a must have zero waste item. Shaving can not only but expensive but also incredibly wasteful. The sleek design and weight of the bamboo handle makes shaving enjoyable and easy. This is a unisex razor set and can really reduce the cost of shaving. Any brand safety razors will fit into our Bamboo Handle Safety Razor. To insert the safety razor blade, simply turn the stainless steel top clockwise until the head comes off, then place the razor in and put the head back on and turn it counter-clockwise and tighten. Safety blades last at least fifty percent longer than blades that contain toxic ingredients like plastic. This razor is biodegradable.

Ingredients: Bamboo Handle, Stainless Steel Head, Stainless Steel Safety Razor & LOVE

The average person uses at least twelve to twenty razor blades per year and many are made with toxic materials that cannot be recycled. Razor blades have been found at the bottom of the ocean and all over our planet. Let’s reduce, reuse and refill together for a better tomorrow.


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